Information Technology

As a technology-driven organization we understand how important it is to have the right software, hardware, and people in place. Our focus at RX2 Solutions is to deliver the right talent to ensure that your technology goals are being achieved. We deliver results by combining our proprietary technology, experienced workforce, and Respectfully Professional Process. Our proprietary algorithm allows us to automate a portion of the recruiting process resulting in a highly customized, efficient deliverable that is tailored to your needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Why RX2 Solutions?

The goal of the Respectfully Professional Process is to provide Quality over Quantity and Relationships over Transactions – ultimately saving time for everyone. We achieve this goal by gaining a deep understanding of what both the client and the job seeker are looking for while treating everyone the way that we want to be treated. The result is that we deliver a solution that works for everyone.

Commitment to Quality

Our team thoroughly vets candidates and only sends those who are a cultural and skill-set fit. We ensure that everyone we represent is interested in and excited about your opportunity, significantly increasing the efficiency of your hiring process. We are highly responsive to you while providing white-glove service taking care of many of the little things to save you time.

Customized Search

The searches we perform are tailored to your specific criteria and most of the candidates we represent are submitted exclusively to you. If your requirements change or we’re off the mark, we pivot immediately to find what you want.

Consultative Approach

We offer a candid appraisal of how each submittal aligns with your ideal while presenting a range of options across your budget. As the search evolves, we’ll share real-time market intelligence to enhance your decision-making process and decide if it makes sense to pivot.


With the constant improvement of Virtual Assistance, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, the impact on business will constantly evolve. Aiding in that evolution, RX2 Solutions continues to leverage AI and Automation to help your organization find the right people.


Modernizing your business computing power has been at the forefront of any growing organization. That is why RX2 Solutions partners with some of the top Azure and AWS talent to help your organization get to where it needs to be.


The ability to collect and store data so that you can refine it into information and provide business insights can be a game-changer for your organization. We have a deep understanding of the full data/information lifecycle and can assist with any role or project in this space.


Whether it’s front-end, back-end, middleware, or full-stack, our expansive network, and decades of success in the development space allows us to find you the right person.


ERP and CRM are two integral parts of your organization that allow you to streamline processes and maintain key relationships. Our goal is to simplify the hiring process and help you hire the right person.

Functional IT

Gathering requirements, testing software, and distributing work are several of the key components of a successful IT project. We understand the impact of your critical projects and the importance of keeping to timelines. At RX2 Solutions, we help organizations make critical hires to ensure your project's success either inside or outside of your PMO.

IT Infrastructure

The backbone of your IT organization is your network, systems, and security. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest tech or just keep the lights on, our team of experienced IT recruiters will run a customized search to find you what you want.

IT Support

RX2 Solutions has been proudly involved with the Help Desk Institute for the past ten years and has a strong understanding of the current trends in this space. When a need arises, we can assist your business at a moment's notice.