Professional Services

Every office hire is different and the value of a fully customized search shines in this area. We have the expertise to find the high-impact office professionals you’re looking for that will help take your team to the next level.

Why RX2 Solutions?

The goal of the Respectfully Professional Process is to provide Quality over Quantity and Relationships over Transactions – ultimately saving time for everyone. We achieve this goal by gaining a deep understanding of what both the client and the job seeker are looking for while treating everyone the way that we want to be treated. The result is that we deliver a solution that works for everyone.

Commitment to Quality

Our team thoroughly vets candidates and only sends those who are a cultural and skill-set fit. We ensure that everyone we represent is interested in and excited about your opportunity, significantly increasing the efficiency of your hiring process. We are highly responsive to you while providing white-glove service taking care of many of the little things to save you time.

Customized Search

The searches we perform are tailored to your specific criteria and most of the candidates we represent are submitted exclusively to you. If your requirements change or we’re off the mark, we pivot immediately to find what you want.

Consultative Approach

We offer a candid appraisal of how each submittal aligns with your ideal while presenting a range of options across your budget. As the search evolves, we’ll share real-time market intelligence to enhance your decision-making process and decide if it makes sense to pivot.

Accounting & Finance

Whether you need someone with Big 4 experience or an FP&A expert, we have the team to deliver for you. Our customized, technology-based approach combined with our track record of success and extensive network allows us to deliver on even the most difficult accounting and finance searches.


Your support and administrative staff are the backbone of your office that keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. The importance of finding an A-level player for these roles is something that our company understands and consistently delivers.

Executive Search

Whether you are looking to move on from an underperformer in a discrete way or backfill a vacancy, Executive Search requires the right team to deliver successfully. Our tenured recruiters have the experience to perform an in-depth proactive recruit to present a wide cross-section of the market and ultimately bring your search to a successful conclusion.

Human Resources

At RX2 Solutions, we understand that finding the right HR professionals for your organization can be a daunting task. From generalists to benefits administrators, or any HR role in between, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's why we're here to help. With our extensive tools and resources, as well as our proven track record of success, we are confident in our ability to identify and deliver the HR professionals you are looking for.

Sales & Marketing

Driving revenue is important to any business and having the right people in place to move your top line is a must-have. Whether you are looking for the seasoned hunter who will bring in large accounts or the SEO guru who will increase your organic web-traffic, we have the talent and the knowledge to find you what you want.


Procuring quality goods and services at the best price is your core competency and delivering top level talent is ours. We can assist with all of your needs in the office or warehouse including your planners, buyers and procurement professionals.