Scientific & Clinical

Science is in our DNA. RX2 Solutions has been partnering with leading Medical Device, Biotechnology, Hospitals, Health Systems and Pharmaceutical companies for the better part of three decades. Whether you are in Phase 1 or have an established presence, we are equipped to help you achieve your human capital goals.

Our proven formula for delivering on your Scientific & Clinical needs has been developed through decades of research. Our Scientific Process for recruitment will help your organization stay relevant and shape the future by acquiring top tiered talent.

Why RX2 Solutions?

The goal of the Respectfully Professional Process is to provide Quality over Quantity and Relationships over Transactions – ultimately saving time for everyone. We achieve this goal by gaining a deep understanding of what both the client and the job seeker are looking for while treating everyone the way that we want to be treated. The result is that we deliver a solution that works for everyone.

Commitment to Quality

Our team thoroughly vets candidates and only sends those who are a cultural and skill-set fit. We ensure that everyone we represent is interested in and excited about your opportunity, significantly increasing the efficiency of your hiring process. We are highly responsive to you while providing white-glove service taking care of many of the little things to save you time.

Customized Search

The searches we perform are tailored to your specific criteria and most of the candidates we represent are submitted exclusively to you. If your requirements change or we’re off the mark, we pivot immediately to find what you want.

Consultative Approach

We offer a candid appraisal of how each submittal aligns with your ideal while presenting a range of options across your budget. As the search evolves, we’ll share real-time market intelligence to enhance your decision-making process and decide if it makes sense to pivot.

Clinical Trials

At RX2 Solutions, we take pride in providing comprehensive Clinical Trial hiring solutions to companies of all sizes. Whether you're a startup going through seed funding or an established publicly traded firm, we are well-equipped to help you find the right talent for your Clinical Trial needs. With our expertise in identifying and delivering top-quality CRAs, CMOs, Technical Directors, and Analysts, we have successfully supported Phase one through Phase three trials for our clients in the past.

Medical Devices

Regardless of whether you are creating cutting edge diagnostic machinery or tubing for injections, we’ve supported your industry. Our team of recruiters understands your business along with the challenges of running a clean room environment, manufacturing, and all the FDA and ISO compliances that go into running a medical device company.


In today's world, staying healthy is a top priority for everyone and organizations that are dedicated to developing treatments and cures are already overwhelmed with work. By collaborating with RX2 Solutions, your organization can effectively fill crucial roles and stay focused on your mission.

Quality Control

Consistency and accuracy are paramount when it comes to Life Sciences, and here at RX2 Solutions, we understand the importance that Quality plays within organizations. This is why we pride ourselves on helping organizations stay on track by finding the proper talent to ensure every outgoing product is the best.


Finding and retaining some of the brightest minds can be challenging for any organization. With the help and expertise of RX2 Solution, we can partner with any organization to build up their research team from the ground up or augment as critical pieces are needed.