Coaching Now; Generation Z and the Art of the Compromise


As a manager and team leader, you’ve been very successful in your career and you know what has worked for you. In a given situation, you’ve seen the scenario play out two-dozen times and you know that your way works to approach a given situation. You are managing a group of Millennials and Gen Z who are approaching this problem for the first time and surprise, surprise - you aren’t seeing eye to eye with them. Maybe your way has been disrupted by new thinking or new technology. Maybe they don’t have the same experience that you do, and they simply cannot see why your way is the best or why it will work. In any event, for the team to execute effectively, you all need to be on the same page, but how do you get there?

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Managing Gaps in Your Resume

For a job seeker, one of the most difficult things to manage and discuss are gaps in a resume. The gaps we are discussing refer to six-plus months of extended periods of time without employment. In the current job market when a candidate’s resume demonstrates these extended periods between jobs, often prospective employers and recruiters will simply pass over the resume.

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