5 Ways to Optimize Your Hiring Process

1. Change the title of the role you’re hiring for

Sometimes your title is getting in the way of finding the right candidate. Job titles should be simple and typically they should be two to three words. Instead of posting a job called something like “Senior C#.NET Angular API SQL Developer III” if you can, simply call the role “Sr. Software Engineer”. Less is more when it comes to job titles and simplifying things can have a big impact on your candidate flow.

2. Re-write your job description

Sometimes finding the right candidate is as simple as crafting the right message. As professional recruiters, we see job descriptions on a consistent basis that don’t put the employer’s best foot forward. The key to a good job description is to give the candidate a strong sense of what will be expected of them coming in the door and why they should be interested in the role, in as few words as possible. You want to find the goldilocks zone of enough content to get someone interested but not too much that they get bored and move on.

3. Look at where your job is posted

Are there more effective places for a better audience? Just because you posted a role somewhere two years ago or pre-covid and it worked doesn’t mean that it will work today. Audiences are constantly shifting and as employers, we need to shift with them. If your posting isn’t getting the traction that you believe it should, look at finding a different audience.

4. Add filter questions

If you are getting too many unqualified candidates, you aren’t alone. In certain areas, there seems to be many candidates open to work but most of them are unqualified. We are sifting through more haystacks than ever to find the needles we are looking for. Most job boards will allow you to add “must-have” filter questions that if someone answers a certain way, they will automatically be eliminated. Adding these filters is an art, not a science as adding too many/too strict filters will lead to eliminating good candidates before you can set eyes on them. If you aren’t using filters now and choose to start, it probably makes sense to begin with looser ones and then tighten them up over time to see what works for you.

5. Talk to a recruiter that will run a customized search, such as RX2 Solutions

We understand that hiring is difficult, and if you get to the point where it isn’t worth your time or effort to run the search on your own, we are here to help. Currently, we have a team of recruiters who specialize in almost any role in an office or warehouse nationally on a direct-hire, contract, or contract-to-hire basis. If you’d like to discuss your needs and our capabilities, feel free to reach out. 610.340.3490, info@rx2solutions.com