How to Effectively Search for a New Job

Job hunting is not an exact science, rather it’s a process of steps that will allow you to increase your chances of finding the opportunity that you’re looking for. Those who are the most successful in finding what they are looking for all have one trait in common, persistence.

This effort can either be how well you have established yourself in your current company or how much time you spend looking for a new job. In most cases, it is a combination of the two.

One note to add, if you are an unemployed job seeker you need to make finding a new role your job. Wake up at the same time you would, run/walk/workout, shower, start going through your processes, have lunch, follow-up on emails or phone calls, and end your day around 4/5pm.

Where to put your resume: You should have your resume on LinkedIn with an accurate profile. If you are looking for a job, make the search your current job and have your resume readily available for people to download. You should also have you resume posted on all of the major job boards to increase visibility.

Staffing Firms and Network: Once your resume is posted online, start reaching out to your personal network. Ask those you know if they know anyone who is hiring and if they have worked with a good recruiter or staffing agency in the past. Call the people who were recommended and let them know who referred you to them. You’ll instantly build credibility, and the person will be more likely to help you out. Do your research on staffing firms in your target industry and job location. You’ll be able to eventually narrow down your “vendor” search to a few firms who will properly represent you.

Please be warned that not all staffing firms and recruiters are created equally. It can be a tough process, but if you find the right one(s) you will enjoy a long-term relationship.

Volunteering: We have mentioned this a few times throughout the blog, but it cannot be stressed enough. Volunteering will open up your social circles significantly, exposing you to additional like-minded people with additional connections.

Job boards: Despite popular belief, the best use of the Job Boards is not actually applying to the listed positions. We recommend that you use them to see what companies are hiring, and then going through your network to see who you know at those firms to see if they can make a warm introduction.